Ground Level Guest + Play Space

Berkeley, CA


The clients wanted to create a play room and guest area, so we excavated to convert the lower floor of the home to living space.

  • New drainage and a waterproofing system are important to keeping it comfortable and dry.
  • Levitch borrowed space at the corner of the Kitchen, which the owners had remodeled previously, to create a new stair to the lower level.
  • The new space features storage under the stairs near the play area, two Bedrooms, and Laundry at the garage.
  • The Bathroom has cheerful tile and a curbless shower.
  • Levitch incorporated details like arched openings so it doesn’t feel like a basement even though the flooring is concrete.
  • There are sustainable materials at the main level, and Levitch worked with the owners to use reclaimed wood for the lower level sills.


Photography by Treve Johnson