“We pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship and we love the work that we do. We also believe that outstanding people are the key to our success.”
– Maurice Levitch, AIA


Our people make us who we are today, from our founder to three generations of Levitch family members and employees. Learn more about


In 1944, Edward Levitch emigrated to the U.S. from war-torn Europe.

While in Jerusalem in 1948 to help build the new state, Ed met a man who had graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and who convinced Ed to enroll in the Architecture program there. Newly married, Ed took leave from UC Berkeley three units short of completing his degree in order to support his family.

As a Journeyman carpenter, he worked on various projects including the Student Union Building. There he assisted his professor and architect for the building, Vernon DeMars, with developing the forming pattern and technique for the walls.

By 1960, Ed had set out on his own under the name of Levco Builders.

Ed eventually moved Levco Builders to a rented yard and office at an old coal yard on Oregon Street. Promoting himself and his company with this flyer, he quickly established a reputation as an architecture student/master carpenter.

Levitch kids + truck

By 1961, he had four sons, shown here from left to right: Jeff, Mike (Brian’s Dad), Joe, and Maurice with Anita (Mom) in the cab.

Levitch office

By 1968, Ed had bought the building in our current location and moved his office and yard there. The following year Ed returned to UC Berkeley and completed his Architecture degree while his oldest son Mike began attending.

His sons took interest and they all worked at the firm over their summers off from school. Maurice officially joined the company in 1984 after earning his degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley. The official name of the family business became Levitch Associates, Inc., with Maurice leading the firm as President since the late 90s.

We are proud to include three generations of Levitch family members from founder Ed to sons Maurice and Jeff and his wife Susan, through grandson Brian today, as well as the rest of our dedicated staff. See more about the whole Levitch team.

Levitch has helped to improve the homes and businesses of hundreds of clients since 1960. We have experience in everything from remodeling one area of a home, to additions, major remodels and designing and building new custom homes. Levitch has also remodeled restaurants, offices and other commercial spaces. See our projects, learn more about who we are or what we do, or contact us.


Maurice Levitch, AIA



From age 11, Maurice Levitch has played a role in the family business. He spent many of his school vacations working as a truck driver, laborer, or carpenter.

Maurice’s commitment to design/build inspired him to earn his general contracting license before finishing his undergraduate studies. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design in 1984 and had become a licensed architect by 1991.

Now as the President of Levitch Associates, Inc., Maurice is the principal architect and primary project manager, as well as overseeing all aspects of operations. Maurice Levitch and the craft of Levitch Associates, Inc. have been featured in several local publications.

Alongside award-winning green projects (including his own home remodel in 2004 that coincided with his interest in green building), Maurice promotes sustainable building practices throughout the company and the community. He enjoys giving presentations about architecture, construction and related topics to everyone from elementary school students to colleagues.

Maurice uses his professional experience as a Safety Assessment Program Evaluator for the state Office of Emergency Services to help keep people in their homes after a disaster if it’s safe to do so.

Maurice is still involved with local Boy Scout Troop 6, helping to get equipment up to their summer camp in the Sierra.

Maurice, his wife and their two children have called the East Bay home for many years. On the weekends you may see him driving his 1964 MGB, which he’s had since high school, or the original company pickup, a 1969 Chevy truck Maurice is slowly converting to a Levitch Associates parade vehicle.

Jeff Levitch, MFA

Vice President, Project Manager


At an early age, Jeff Levitch began participating in the family business. He worked with the Levitch Associates construction crew before attending college.

Jeff graduated from San Francisco State University in 1992 and received his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona, Tucson in 1998.

As a Project Manager for Levitch Associates, Inc., Jeff divides his time between the various projects in progress. His versatile nature and breadth of skills have made him an invaluable member of the Levitch Associates, Inc. team.

In keeping with his artistic roots, Jeff also teaches Drawing and Painting at Foothill College. His current work focuses on urban landscape and the intersection of manmade and natural environments.

Brian Levitch

Project Administrator


Following in the family tradition, Brian Levitch began working for Levitch Associates, Inc. at a young age. During high school, he would join the team in whatever capacity he was needed.

After attending Chabot College and Boise State University, Brian returned to the Bay Area as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) ready to get to work. He ultimately decided to join his grandfather Ed and uncles Maurice and Jeff in the family business.

As the Project Administrator, Brian handles a wide variety of office and field responsibilities including cost estimating, creating contracts and change orders, and helping in the field with material selections, ordering and deliveries.

Outside the office Brian enjoys going on trips with his wife Jasmin and their son or just spending time together at home. He is also an active Assistant Scoutmaster volunteer with the Boy Scouts, and has been an avid musician since the ’90s.

Edward J. Levitch, AIA

Founder, Chairman of the Board


A licensed Architect and General Contractor, Edward Levitch is a reflection of Levitch Associates, Inc. and its rich history.

His construction experience began in 1946 when he joined the apprenticeship program of the AFL/CIO Carpenters and Jointers of America. For the next seven years he worked as a journeyman carpenter, foreman, project manager, and superintendent for a variety of construction companies both here and abroad.

When Ed entered the Architecture program at the University of California, Berkeley in 1953, he already understood the building process. This invaluable skill enabled him to design buildings that were innovative yet practical to construct.

Filled with enthusiasm for the craft, he started his own business before graduating. When he became a licensed architect, Ed unquestionably wanted his business to reflect his zeal and thorough education in both architecture and construction. At the time, the design/build process was a radical and innovative way to approach professions that were once separate. Now, Design/Build is the cornerstone of Levitch Associates, Inc.

Aside from running a successful family business, Ed Levitch has published his autobiography, From Beginning to Beginning, and two poetry and prose books. For the dramatic story of how he and his family emigrated to the United States from war-torn Europe with 1,000 refugees, read Haven by Ruth Gruber.

Nestor Agpoon

Design Associate


Since childhood Nestor has enjoyed drawing people, houses, and other objects. When his brother studied architecture and became an architect, Nestor followed in his footsteps. Before coming to the U.S. in 2000, Nestor worked in the Philippines, where he is a licensed architect and member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), and Singapore. His design experience includes single and multi-unit residences, educational spaces, parks, and playgrounds.

Nestor has been a Design Associate with Levitch since 2005. He is involved in all stages of architecture projects from initial property measurements and drawings and researching applicable buildings codes, drafting and creating 3D renderings that help clients envision their new spaces, and creating permit and construction drawings.

Outside the office, Nestor loves drawing in pen and ink and painting in water color. He also enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, singing, and recording.

Elizabeth Brown

Relationship and Project Manager


Fascinated with connections between the natural world, design and comfort from a young age, Elizabeth loves design and the creative process. She has devoted most of her career to work related to the designed environment, and having worked with architects, contractors and engineers, is a fan and proponent of Levitch’s unique design/build approach. Elizabeth has been with Levitch for eight years and is our Relationship and Project Manager, with responsibility for new projects and ongoing client communication. She enjoys seeing projects that improve clients’ home and work lives evolve from ideas to drawings through construction and completion.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. from Connecticut College and a Certificate in Construction Management from Cal State/East Bay. She has been a Certified Green Building Professional since 2006.

Outside work, Elizabeth might be curled up in a comfortable chair with a book, pursuing various creative projects, or traveling.

Maria Da Maren

Maria Da Maren

Operations Manager


Maria was born in Oakland and lived in Rockridge for many years. She and her family also lived in Italy briefly when she was a child. Maria has returned many times, including visiting family and friends in Lucca, a city known for its architecture.

Before joining Levitch in 2020, Maria had worked in the construction, engineering, telecommunications and branding industries in a variety of roles including Business Development and Operations, Human Resources, and Event Management. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cal State University East Bay and is our Operations Manager.

In her free time, Maria looks forward to socializing with family and friends, dabbling in creative projects, and music. She loves cooking, baking and wine tasting. Maria is a big basketball and football fan and March Madness is one of her favorite seasons. Maria also enjoys giving back by helping with fundraising events.

Susan Gabe

Design Associate


Susan grew up in Oregon. As a teenager she became interested in architecture and was inspired to earn a B. Arch. from the University of Oregon. Susan is a licensed architect in Oregon, where she worked on a variety of commercial and civic projects including retail, restaurants and fire stations.

Susan moved to the Bay Area in 2010 and joined Levitch as a Design Associate in 2012. At Levitch, she is involved with every stage of architecture projects from zoning and code research through permit and construction drawings that enable our clients to build out their spaces, often in ways they couldn’t imagine at the start of the design process.

In her free time you may find Susan on the tennis court or traveling around the U.S. She and her husband enjoy Americana and seeking out unique attractions and environments wherever they go.

Susan Levitch

Bookkeeping and Human Resources


Susan Levitch joined the Levitch family long before she joined the Levitch Associates, Inc. family in a professional capacity. Susan and Jeff met in the 1990s, fell in love, and have been partners ever since. After the arrival of their second child, Susan decided to change career paths and Levitch Associates, Inc. welcomed her with open arms.

A Bay Area native, Susan graduated from San Francisco State University in 1994 with a degree in Liberal Arts.

Since joining Levitch Associates, Inc. in 2007, Susan has acted as Bookkeeper. Today her role has expanded to include various Human Resources responsibilities.

After all of the ‘number crunching’, Susan enjoys watching her two sons play soccer and Frisbee. In her free time, she relishes sitting with a good book, gardening at home, and in particular the serenity of taking hikes.

Matthew MacGillivray

Design Associate


Matt grew up in Buffalo, New York. As a child, he loved to draw, and took inspiration from a nearby Frank Lloyd Wright building, the Prairie-style Heath House. As an undergrad, Matt first studied music then started taking classes in architecture and building. After completing his Master’s in Architecture at U Penn, he moved to New York City. As a construction manager for the Chelsea Market, 17 former factory buildings covering a city block, Matt helped to transform the complex into a vibrant community space with retail and food on the ground floor and filming and other large spaces above. Upon completion of the Chelsea Market project, he worked as an architectural designer at a firm specializing in design renovations of iconic brownstone residences and lofts.

Matt joined his then-girlfriend (now wife) when she moved to California for school. Here he has worked on historic preservation projects as well as a variety of residential additions, renovations, and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Matt joined Levitch in 2018 as a Design Associate and is involved throughout the design process.

In addition to spending time with his family, Matt stays active within the local music community and also enjoys Krav Maga and riding his bike around the East Bay.

Lauren McLeod

Project Coordinator


Lauren grew up in southern California, but after graduating from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Architecture, has decided to make the Bay Area her adopted home. She spent nearly half of her undergraduate education studying abroad, focusing on the history of architecture and the built environment. Lauren’s professional interests lie in deep green, minimalist design and healthy building materials, which fit well with Levitch’s commitments to green office and construction practices.

Lauren started with Levitch in 2017. She is our project estimator, gathering the information necessary to create bids, while helping our project managers coordinate smaller projects.

In her free time Lauren likes to cook and salsa/swing dance, and is an avid wilderness and international backpacker.

Diana Montoya Webber

Design Associate


As a child Diana loved models, which translated into studying industrial engineering and then architecture. In her native Venezuela, Diana co-founded an architecture firm that specialized in high-end residential, hospitality and commercial projects including additions and new construction.

Diana came to the U.S. to study English and stayed after meeting the man who became her husband. They lived in England before returning to the U.S. in 2016. Diana joined Levitch as a Design Associate in 2019, and she is involved throughout the design process from schematic design to construction documents. In addition to her architectural experience, Diana is a Certified Green Building Professional and has done interior design including for high-end hotels.

In her free time, Diana likes to hang out with family and friends, listen to music, do yoga and travel. If she can combine music with travel, that’s even better!

Vuk Pavićević

Project Manager


Vuk grew up in Bosnia and moved to the U.S. with his family in 1999. Since his youth, he has enjoyed figuring out how to build and repair things, so an education in the building arts was a natural next step. Vuk holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is a licensed architect. He had hands-on experience helping to design and renovate several homes and knew he wanted to continue working in the field. He has been with Levitch since 2013 as a Project Manager, helping to keep our construction jobs running smoothly.

Vuk loves to travel and has visited Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He also enjoys rebuilding cars in his spare time.

Abby Wentworth

Abby Wentworth

Project Engineer


Abby’s experience as a Bay Area native and familiarity with many aspects of real estate, remodeling and business management led her to join Levitch in 2020 as a Project Engineer.

Abby has been in and around real estate and construction for much of her life. From a young age she helped her parents with various improvement projects and eventually participated in building her mom’s home in Gualala, CA. She bought her first home in college and hand-drew the plans for the extensive renovations, which was the beginning of a long relationship with the built environment.

As a licensed real estate agent since 2009, Abby managed the process for the many homes she prepared for marketing. Being committed to sustainability, she was dismayed at the waste generated by the cosmetic staging fixes designed only to raise the selling price, especially since new owners often disposed of the recently installed materials shortly after purchase.

Abby was looking for a design/build firm that performs work for the long term benefit of the owners and had admired Levitch’s quality and craftsmanship for many years. As a Project Engineer she helps to estimate and manage our construction projects. She enjoys the transformation process and watching people appreciate their space.

Abby earned her B.S. in Business Administration and is working toward a Masters in Project Management at USC.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two wonderful kids, volunteering extensively in the community and coaching sailing on the Bay.

Dave Church

Finish Carpenter


Dave was born in Oakland and has 30 years of finish carpentry experience. In addition to over nine years with Levitch, Dave has worked in East Bay neighborhoods like Piedmont and San Francisco’s Pacific Heights and Cow Hollow.

Rickey DeLima

Finish Carpenter


Rickey is a Bay area native and had been a painter before joining Levitch. He has worked with Levitch for 12 years as a painter, driver and now as a finish carpenter.

Outside work, Rickey enjoys riding his motorcycle on local day trips.

Sinisa Jankovic

Finish Carpenter


As a youth Sinisa liked sculpture and working with wood. Those interests and experience along with building shelving for a family business helped him to get started in carpentry. When he moved to New York City from the former Yugoslavia, he worked as a carpenter in a cabinet shop. He continued with carpentry when he relocated to California, and has worked with Levitch since 2002 as finish carpenter and cabinet maker.

Marcial Mendoza



Marcial came to the U.S. from Guatemala in 2007. He worked as a cook and forklift driver before transitioning to construction in 2016 when a friend invited him to work with him as a carpenter. Marcial joined Levitch in 2019, where he hopes to continue building his skills and stay long-term.

In his free time, Marcial likes to spend time with his kids and family. He likes to walk, be outside and play soccer, which is one of his favorite sports.

Martin Mendoza



Martin was born and went to school in the little town of Todos Santos, Guatemala. Before moving to the U.S., he trained on the job as a roofer. Martin started at Levitch in the late ’90s doing excavation, and after a few years began to learn carpentry. He’s been with us as a carpenter since 2001, totaling 20 years in the company! Martin likes to get to know people and have people get to know more about him.

Off the job, his favorite thing is playing in the park with his four children.

Mario Merida



Mario is originally from Guatemala, and has worked in construction his whole life. He has been a carpenter with Levitch since 1998. Mario is an extremely hard worker with a great attitude for getting anything done. His connections with the recycling yards allow us to recycle more cardboard and metal, which is good for our clients, the company, and the environment.

Ramiro Pablo-Calmo



Also from Todos Santos in Guatemala, Ramiro is also Martin’s nephew. Following in the family footsteps, he has always worked in construction, building mostly in brick and concrete back in Guatemala. After coming to the U.S. Ramiro began learning carpentry at Levitch Associates, and has been with the company since 2012. He always likes learning new construction skills, whether it is woodworking or painting.

Outside of work, Ramiro enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his wife and daughters.

Jose Sanchez



Jose was born in Michoacán, Mexico but got his training in Oakland before beginning as a laborer on area job sites. He has worked his way up in the construction industry since the early 2000s, and has been a carpenter at Levitch since 2016.

Outside work, Jose might be at the gym, barbequing in the park or watching movies with his three daughters.

Saul Sanchez-Olmedo



Saul was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and took classes in California to learn about the construction industry. He has always worked in construction, working as a lead at other companies before finding his way to Levitch. At Levitch since 2004, Saul is a lead carpenter. He says one of his unique skills is knowing exactly what type of fire extinguisher to use in any situation!

At home, Saul enjoys woodworking and fixing tools in his garage.

Manuel Valentin



Manny was born in the small town of Jalisco, Mexico, and came to the U.S. when he was 7. After graduating from Berkeley High School, he worked at a nursery and in landscaping and carpentry. At Levitch since 1993, Manuel puts his many years of experience with the company to good use as a Foreman.

When he’s not on the job, Manuel loves to be out camping in nature, boating on any body of water, even water skiing! He also enjoys restoring old houses and classic cars and listening to music.

Frankie Levitch

Yard Manager


Frankie has been supervising daily activities at the Levitch yard, shop and office since 2018. A skilled and empathetic communicator, he directs staff with authority while connecting with his team for quality individual time that may involve petting and purring.

Frankie has a passion for culinary delights and in his spare time enjoys hunting, grooming and napping.

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Levitch Associates, Inc. employees share several core characteristics. Each employee is motivated by a desire to learn while also perfecting his or her craft. They have a willingness invest themselves into their role, while simultaneously keeping an open mind and good attitude when conferring with other staff. As a Design/Build company, having a cohesive team is crucial for our business. No one person works alone at Levitch Associates, and a readiness for teamwork is an essential quality in any potential employee. With each employee’s team spirit comes a vigorous perseverance from the moment a project is started until it is finished with excellence and grace.

Having experience or interest in Design/Build is a plus!

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