Three Foot Addition

Oakland, CA


A 3′ x 10′ addition allowed us to expand and remodel this Bathroom at the second floor, over the existing main floor.

  • The Bathroom now features two sinks and a separate tub and shower.
  • We made the floating vanity cabinet at our own shop.


“We remodeled our kitchen about 15 years ago with three different contractors, a process that took months longer than scheduled and cost several times our budget. When we were looking for someone to help us to fix the plumbing leak in our upstairs bathroom and make other improvements …we wanted someone with a similar design sensibility, a fresh eye and the expertise to maintain the style of our 1929 bungalow. After meeting you it was a quick, easy decision to work with Levitch.

Levitch understood what we wanted, our design sensibility and how we live in our home.  You took it in stride when we decided that instead of an Arts and Crafts style bathroom to complement our home, we wanted to use a modern tub we’d fallen in love with, and redesigned the bathroom around it. Throughout the process you gave us honest feedback, like telling us that the bathroom tile we’d originally selected was too expensive. I love the new bathroom, which is even nicer than the ones in many hotels I stayed in when I was traveling a lot.

We were really happy with the whole process, and the results are fabulous. I wouldn’t change anything…Thanks to you, Jeff, Manuel, and everyone at Levitch who helped to make our remodel a success.”

S. S. and T. W.





Before & After

Three Foot Addition Bath before