Initial Contact

Our preliminary contact with a potential client usually involves an email and/or phone conversation. This leads to a site visit, at no charge, so that we can learn more about your needs.

Proposal and Agreement for Architectural Services

After the initial meeting and tour of the project site, we prepare and present a Proposal and Agreement for Architectural Services. Early on it is our goal to develop design solutions that satisfy the Project Program and determine if the designs can be constructed within Budget.

The Proposal and Agreement includes the following:

  • Project Program as given to us by the Owner or as interpreted by us
  • Owners’ Construction Budget if known
  • A Description of Services to be performed for a fixed fee as described below:
    • Task 1- Pre-Design (PD)
    • Task 2- Schematic Design (SD)
    • Task 3- Estimate of Probable Cost for Construction (EPC)
    • Task 4- Design Development (DD) and Construction Documents (CDs) (only after the Schematic Design and Estimate of Probable Construction Cost are accepted by the Owner, and written authorization is given to proceed)

If we are not able to develop a Schematic Design that meets the Owner’s Budget, then we revise the design, scope, and budget to see if we can get to that point. If a consensus cannot be reached, then the agreement is terminated and the Owner is able to keep any relevant work product.

Design Consulting Service

We offer hourly consultation services. This service is often provided for pre-purchase home inspections or when our client is interested in learning about specific design possibilities prior to committing to the standard design process.

Design Process

We find that the design process is one of the most enjoyable parts of a project. We are more than happy to leave no stone unturned in developing design scheme(s) in our effort to meet or exceed your expectations. We guide you in understanding how and why we arrive at the solution(s), then listen and revise the design(s) as needed.  We encourage Owner participation in design meetings. While developing the Schematic Design(s) we think through the entire project considering all aspects- Program, Budget, Construction means and methods, materials, green building strategies, schedule, and city planning and permitting issues.

  • Meetings can be at our offices or on-site.
  • We are often able to communicate through email after the first meeting.
  • We revise the design solution(s) until the most desirable solution is accepted by the Owner.