AIA Canons

CANON I General Obligations

Members should maintain and advance their knowledge of the art and science of architecture, respect the body of architectural accomplishment and contribute to its growth; learned and uncompromised professional judgement should take precedence over any other motive in the pursuit of the art and science of architecture.

CANON II Obligations to the Public

Members should embrace the spirit and letter of the law governing their professional affairs and should thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact of their professional activities.

CANON III Obligations to the Client

Members should serve their clients competently and in a professional manner, and should exercise unprejudiced and unbiased judgment on their behalf.

CANON IV Obligations to the Profession

Members should uphold the integrity and dignity of the profession.

CANON V Obligations to Colleagues

Members should respect the rights and acknowledge the professional aspirations and contributions of their colleagues.

CANON VI Obligations to the Environment

Members should promote sustainable design and development principles in their professional activities.