In 1944, Edward Levitch emigrated to this country from a war torn Europe and eventually settled in Receda, CA, with his family.

He made the decision to move to Berkeley in 1950 after a twist of fate two years prior. Ed had traveled to Jerusalem in 1948 to aid in the building of the new state. Serendipitously in a laundromat, he met a man who had graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in engineering.

His new friend convinced him to enroll in the Architecture program at the University of California, Berkeley. Newly married, Ed realized he needed to earn a living for his family. He decided to take leave from UC Berkeley just three units short of completing his degree.

Ed worked with the carpenters’ union perfecting his carpentry and construction skills. As a Journeyman carpenter, he worked on various projects including the Student Union Building.

There he assisted his professor and architect for the building, Vernon DeMars, develop the forming pattern and technique for the board formed walls.  By 1960, he chose to continue working on his own and inaugurated Levco Builders.


kitchens and baths


While the first Levco Builders offices were in his home, Ed eventually moved Levco Builders to a rented yard and office space located at an old coal yard on Oregon Street. Promoting himself and his company with the flyer above, he quickly established a reputation as an architecture student/master carpenter.

The 60’s and 70’s were a high time for building homes and a flourishing family.  By 1961, he had four sons: Mike, Joe, Maurice, and Jeff.


Left to Right- Jeff, Mike (Brian's Dad), Joe, and Maurice with Anita (Mom) in the cab

Left to Right- Jeff, Mike (Brian’s Dad), Joe, and Maurice with Anita (Mom) in the cab


By 1968, Ed bought the building housing our current location and moved his office and yard.  In 1969, Ed returned to UC Berkeley and completed his degree in Architecture at the same time his oldest son Mike began attending.

His sons took interest and learned his trades through helping out at the office.  All the boys worked at the firm in some capacity over their summers off from school.

Maurice officially joined the firm in 1984, after earning his degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Since then, the official name of the family business was changed to Levitch Associates, Inc.  While Ed has retired a number of times, he remains active and available for consultation.  Maurice has led the firm since the late 90’s as acting President.

Today, the family tradition continues with the participation of brother Jeff, Jeff’s wife Susan, as well as nephew (and Ed’s grandson) Brian.  Brian’s wife Jasmin Levitch is a Design Associate with the firm.

Joe Levitch runs a successful remodeling business, Levco Builders, in Boise, Idaho where he lives with his family.  Mike Levitch is a master locksmith and commercial hardware specifier, working at Assa-Abloy in San Rafael.