Warm Modern Remodel + Addition

Albany, CA


This second-story addition and major remodel create a warm modern vibe. With its thoughtful mix of colors, textures, and finishes, this home really pops.

“Maurice and his staff were very efficient throughout the process, assisting with the many issues/options that come up. The construction stayed on schedule (which never happens) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. They handled all the city and county codes and permits, and were always available to help with any questions/suggestions we had. This is not the way to go if you are trying to save money, but if you want a low stress, inclusionary handling of your large project, Levitch Associates will knock it out of the park!

M. V.



Warm Modern main floor construction
Warm Modern stair under construction
Warm Modern front under construction

Completed Project

Warm Modern exterior
Warm Modern Foyer + Living
Warm Modern new stair to Kitchen + nook
Warm Modern Kitchen
Warm Modern Kitchen to deck
Warm Modern Eating Nook to deck
Warm Modern deck + exterior
Warm Modern new Bathroom
Warm Modern new staircase
Warm Modern new daylit staircase chandelier
Warm Modern new daylit staircase
Warm modern shower
Warm Modern White Primary Bathroom
Warm Modern New Bath 2

Project Details

The Owners wanted a modern design, more open floor plan, and additional space while still respecting the neighborhood architecture. They specifically asked for a stair to the new second-story addition that would have a minimal footprint while bringing light into the rest of the home. Since the lot is only 30′ wide by 120′ deep, a second-story addition was the most feasible solution.

  • Levitch created an open floor plan on the main floor and remodeled the Kitchen and living space that connects to the new deck shaded by a pergola.
  • In the new second story, there are three Bedrooms and two Bathrooms.
  • During construction, we took the house down to the floor structure, so now it’s practically a brand-new home. Since the existing home was wider than would currently be allowed, leaving one corner of the foundation intact allowed us to maintain about 1′ in width even though this made construction more complicated.
  • The new mix of colors, textures, and materials throughout the home creates a modern aesthetic that is warm and liveable.



This home was featured in a Levitch project profile published by the local American Institute of Architects (AIA) East Bay chapter and the Kitchen was featured in a Houzz article on when to select Kitchen finishes.


Photography by Treve Johnson