This home is modernized throughout multiple construction phases by opening up the Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, and Bedroom.

“We had a fully functioning kitchen and laundry facilities that were set up in our dining room. It wasn’t easy to live through a major renovation project, but the Levitch team certainly made it as painless as it could have been.

M. P.


Completed Project

Together Again peninsula to Kitchen wide
Together Again Kitchen peninsula to Kitchen tight
Together Again peninsula to open laundry doors
Together Again hall + transoms
Together Again vanity + blue shower
Together Again vanity + white shower

Project Details

Location: Berkeley, CA

Levitch opens up and modernized this home over multiple construction phases:

Phase 1

  • Upper Floor Bathroom and Bedroom changes enhance the spaces and create a cohesive flow.
  • We relocate the washer/dryer to the Kitchen, hidden behind cabinet doors. This change allows for converting the Laundry Room into a walk-in closet for the Master Bedroom, which Levitch connects with the Master Bathroom.

Phase 2

  • Levitch replaces Windows throughout the home. This improves airflow, light, and the warmth of the overall house.

Phase 3

  • Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling with Bedroom and Hall improvements on the Main Floor.
  • Levitch removes a dividing wall between the eating area and the Kitchen to create a larger, more cohesive space.
  • We create a much better connection to the rear yard with French Doors and a transom.