This Craftsman home’s phased remodel included expanding into the Living space at the old porch and Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom.



Second Time Around original entry
Second Time Around interior progress
Second Time Around original porch
Second Time Around garage in progress
Second Time Around new entry in progress

Completed Project

Second Time Around Entry
Second Time Around Entry stairs + rail
Second Time Around Entry railing detail
Second Time Around new entry stairs + lighting
Second Time Around Kitchen + dining nook
Second Time Around Entry dining to entry
Second Time Around Bathroom
Second Time Around Garage

Project Details

Location: Berkeley, CA

Year Built: 2017

Levitch had previously completed some work at this home a few years back. They were so pleased with our work the first time, that the Owners asked us to return to help expand the living space.

  • To do so, we built a new Entry, enclosed the porch, and removed the wall between the old porch and the Living Room.
  • We added new cabinets in the Entry and Living Room, matching existing doors at the Dining Room cabinets.
  • The curved bench at the Entry follows the line of the old porch railing. Note the curved top of the wall enclosing the new Entry stairs.
  • We also enlarged and made structural upgrades to the Garage.
  • We had previously remodeled the Kitchen, Nook, and Bathroom at the rear of the home.


Photography by Treve Johnson