Grégoire Piedmont returns to Levitch to design and build their restaurant in a historic Julia Morgan building.



Gregoire Piedmont rear kitchen
Gregoire Piedmont front kitchen
Gregoire Piedmont

Completed Project

Gregoire Piedmont storefront
Gregoire Piedmont window bar seating
Gregoire Piedmont seating
Gregoire Piedmont toward storefront
Gregoire Piedmont 5
Gregoire counter + tile
Gregoire Piedmont counter
Gregoire Piedmont counter to rear Kitchen
Gregoire Piedmont counter
Gregoire Piedmont

Project Details

Location: Oakland, CA

The Grégoire Piedmont project has much more workable space than Grégoire Berkeley, allowing for larger Dining and Kitchen areas.

  • Levitch creates two Kitchens, an open one at the front and a catering Kitchen at the back. This enables parallel food preparation for special events to take place concurrently with the restaurant.
  • The tiled walls and wood counter evoke the original Grégoire restaurant in this new space.
  • The building that houses Grégoire Piedmont was originally designed by Julia Morgan and is a designated historic landmark. The space requires A Historic Design Review to add the new rear access door. The new door made it possible to separate service deliveries from the customer entrance.
  • Levitch delights with recurring clients as some design flares can continue throughout the spaces.