Big Effort to Recover from Fire in a Tiny Space


In 2002, Levitch designed and built a Kitchen and indoor/outdoor spaces for Gregoire Restaurant on Cedar Street in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, all in less than 400 SF.

Unfortunately a recent fire had forced the restaurant to close, but Levitch helped the restaurant to re-open on May 13th just five weeks after the fire. While other contractors such as equipment and fire suppression system installers were working in this compact space, Levitch was helping to restore finishes and other elements. Our work included fabricating and installing new stainless steel wall covering at the Kitchen; repairing or replacing flooring, countertops and wooden benches; and drywall and electrical work to return the restaurant to service.

There’s a nice article about Gregoire’s reopening here. For more information about the restaurant, visit Gregoire’s website or check out their current menu.