Delivering the combined services of Architecture and Construction has advantages:

Integrated Architect-led design-build 

  • One professional team for your Project from conception to completion.
  • One responsible party for the success of the Project.

Combined Experience

  • Architects experienced in construction develop designs that are feasible to build
  • Contractors sensitive to design are better builders

Benefits to the Owner

  • Speed of completion
  • Single-point responsibility
  • Greater cost savings and earlier cost certainty
  • “Value Engineering” at conceptual stages rather than too late, after project design is complete
  • Better communication
  • Fewer disputes and litigation
  • Higher quality outcomes
  • Clear roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Less administrative burden
  • Reduced risk to the client (because the design–build entity assumes more)
  • Reduced risk to design consultants and subcontractors which results in lower construction costs, greater efficiencies and fewer litigation claims.
  • Quicker response time and lower construction cost for Owner-initiated changes
  • Reduced Architecture fee as a result of streamlined communication from Design through Construction
  • Less possibilities for Change Orders not requested by Owner
  • Shortened permit processing time
  • Architects involved and in control of the construction of your project can make adjustments and enhancements during the construction phase without necessarily increasing cost. This ability often adds to the success of the project

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