North Berkeley Nature-Inspired Entry

LOCATION | Berkeley, CA

Danville Living Area Makeover

Kitchens LOCATION | Danville, CA

Trestle Glen Traveling Rooms

LOCATION | Oakland, CA

Ground Level Guest + Play Space

LOCATION | North Berkeley, CA

Modern Island Refresh

Kitchens LOCATION | Alameda, CA

Berkeley Open Plan Living

Bathrooms LOCATION | Berkeley, CA

Rockridge Reconfiguration

LOCATION | Oakland, CA

San Francisco Swap

Decks San Francisco, CA

Relocating Spaces

Kitchens Elmwood, Berkeley |

Piedmont Opener

Kitchens Piedmont, CA |

Modern Compact Kitchen

Dining Spaces Panoramic Hill, Berkeley |

Upper Rockridge Master Bath

Bathrooms Upper Rockridge, Oakland |

Airy Master Bathroom

Bathrooms Thousand Oaks, Berkeley |

Maiden Lane

Kitchens Lincoln Heights, Oakland

Green Development Project

Kitchens Ocean View Neighborhood, West Berkeley

Interior Green Gem

Kitchens Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Mango Island

Outdoor Spaces Portrero Hill, San Francisco

Integral Group Offices

Downtown Oakland

Together Again

Kitchens Thousand Oaks, Berkeley

Untangling the Past

Kitchens Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Let’s Get Serious

Kitchens Upper Rockridge Neighborhood, Oakland

Kitchen Magic

Piedmont Ave. Area, Oakland

Brown Shingle Transformation

Kitchens Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Gregoire Berkeley

Restaurants Gourmet Ghetto, Berkeley

Gregoire Piedmont

Restaurants Piedmont Ave, Oakland

Side Saddle

Exteriors Claremont Neighborhood, Berkeley

Backyard Cottage

Kitchens Central Berkeley

Face Lift

Exteriors Kensington

The Next Generation

Decks Thousand Oaks, Berkeley Hills

Rear Yard Deck and Stair Access

Exteriors Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Small Deck With A Large View

Exteriors Broadway Terrace, Oakland

John-Hudson Thomas Remodel

Kitchens Claremont Neighborhood, Berkeley

Reconnections Under One Roof

Kitchens Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Three Foot Addition

Additions Rockridge, Oakland

Our Home

Kitchens Elmwood Neighborhood, Berkeley

Period Bathroom

LeConte Neighborhood, Berkeley